A Roadmap to Success


rebranding-lgGood consultants will tell you, “rebranding is more than just a marketing initiative, it’s a business initiative and often, a cultural shift – one that has to be instituted across the entire organization from the ground up.”

Rebranding can help your organization revitalize a fading brand, gain new customers and market share, keep current with a changing world, or even…recover from crisis and shift away from a tarnished reputation.

When executed properly, these efforts can send a powerful message to customers and clients, inspire your workforce and stimulate productivity and profitability for the future.

But how do you rebrand successfully?

shutterstock_105421988A successful rebrand emerges from your organization’s core values – either what those values currently are and you want projected – or values that you aspire to and want established.

Rebranding is built around the desire to fundamentally change the way your organization is perceived – and then permeates your company’s culture, operations, customer service, sales, and marketing. It begins internally, then is projected externally.

It’s why true rebranding efforts start with and are stewarded by the leadership and vision from the executive leaders of the organization. It takes a confident and enthusiastic leader to manage the transition, acceptance, and success of the rebrand.

Rebrand – A Roadmap to Success

Cornerstone Consulting Solutions works with executive leaders, business owners and CEOs to help them articulate their core values, outline their vision for change and then develop the strategic roadmap to make the rebrand a success.

Our goal is to empower your current efforts and enhance your ability to communicate your vision effectively to the people that matter most – customers and clients, employees, board members and other stakeholders and shareholders.

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“Val has been an invaluable asset to our team during our firm’s rebranding project in 2014. Her experience, insight, perspective, and execution has exceeded my expectations, and Val’s sense of humor always keeps our meetings balanced! I would recommend Val to any business owner or executive looking to take their business to another level.” — Scot Grooms, CEO of Grooms Benefit Solutions