Talent Identification and Development (MBTI)

mtbi-lgIdentifying and developing talented leaders within their organizations is one of the key components by which successful leaders are measured.

Finding, cultivating and retaining valuable executives in top positions has a significant effect on the culture, reputation and profitability of the company’s they lead. When their top executives do well, the organization does well. When they do not, the impact can be great.

We Help You Choose the Leaders You Want

business_group_3.27225353_std[1]At Cornerstone Consulting Solutions, we partner with our clients to help them make the right choices.

Our goal is to help CEOs and business owners develop people for the company’s top positions and then ensure that these people are aligned with the values, culture and mission of the organization.

By investing resources into talent identification and development, our clients are able to cultivate potential leaders and groom them for continued success.

We work to ensure that your company has dependable, highly qualified and well-developed leaders in management positions, not just for today, but tomorrow and into the future.

Valerie Harwell, CEO & President of Cornerstone Consulting Solutions, is qualified to administer and assess the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. Many leading companies and organizations use the MBTI assessment to help evaluate their top executives. The purpose of the test is to use the results to help with training and development, decision making, identifying opportunities, strengthening relationships, resolving conflicts, setting goals, improving communication and fostering leadership.

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“The ability to find and hire the right people can make or break your business. It is as plain as that. No matter where you are in the life cycle of your business, bringing in great talent should always be a top priority.” – Michael Dell